LED Colorful Shower


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●LED shower is a popular electronic product now.
●LED shower is a product that can make your life full of colors. It can freely fill the water column with crystal clear luster. Your shower room will become a world of lights, which can change your monotonous bathing It’s amazing.
●The power required by the LED shower does not require additional batteries and power to supply, and it is completely generated by water flow. The product is environmentally friendly and energy-saving.
●The LED shower head realizes a kind of lighting effect through the built-in LED light in the shower head, which is very bright even if the light is not turned on in the shower room at night.

Product Information:
Specifications: total length 22cm, diameter 6.5cm
Main material: polycarbonate PC (resistant to fall)
Weight: 0.3kg
Surface treatment: electroplating
Water outlet mode: single water outlet
Interface size: 2cm external thread interface, a universal interface
Number of lamp beads: 12
Note: This shower head is completely driven by the water flow to drive the motor to generate electricity to make the LED bright. If the water pressure at home is very small, it is recommended not to buy this shower head.

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