Dust-proof Three-dimensional Sponge Mask With Breathing Valve


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This is a fashionable mask of a new type of material, similar to a sponge, with some advantages such as daily protection, comfortable wearing, fashionable and beautiful, and is very popular in the current market.

Product Feature :
Density: Multi-layer pore structure, high density and good air permeability.
Efficacy: Three-dimensional mesh polyester structure, better dust isolation effect.
Elasticity: Imported material, comfortable, soft and flexible.
Fit: Unique cutting design, comfortable fit.
Economy: Environmental protection, can be washed and reused. (The mask can be cleaned 1-5 times, only hand-washed, it is recommended to add hand sanitizer gently, and then rinse with water)

Material: Polyurethane
Function: Anti-dust/Anti-pollen/Sun protection
Specification: Adult/Child
Color: Adult: White, Light gray;
     Children: Black, Pink, Yellow, Blue, Green

Package list
1*2PCS / 1*5PCS / 1*10PCS / 1*25PCS
1*Product certification

Additional information


Adult Light gray, Adult White, Children Black, Children Blue, Children Green, Children Pink, Children Yellow


10PCS, 25PCS, 2PCS, 5PCS


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