Children’s Waterslide Summer Water Toy for Outdoor Grass Garden


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Bullet Points:
1、Summer Play Toys: The new children’s water slide summer play toys outdoor grass water spray double surfboard garden toys. The spray mode water spray runs along the length of the slide, which can provide excellent hydraulic coverage, and can be easily connected to the water pipe.
2、Premium Material: Double surfboards are made of extra thick and heavy PVC, which is more than twice the thickness of most lawn slides on the market.
3、Easy to Use: Super embossed PVC, without adding soap; directly open the faucet to keep the slider and the water on the slider.
4、Wide Application: Suitable for parent-child activities of the whole family in hot summer; invite everyone to play with water slides.

Dimensions: Length 188.97inch, width 27.95inch&68.89inch.
Introduction: There is a water spray function on one side. The product does not need to be inflated. After connecting the water pipe, the water will continue to spray out. It needs to be connected to the faucet all the time. Recommended for use on the grass.
Product packaging: single plastic bag

Packing List:
1 Pack*Waterslide

Additional information


purple, Yellow


188.97inch*27.95inch, 188.97inch*68.89inch


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