360 Degree Automatic Rotating Lawn Sprinkler


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Product Highlights:
1. 360-degree automatic rotating sprinkler irrigation, hydraulic drive, no need for other external power.
2. Three propeller-type water sprinklers, ultrasonic welding, can adjust the water outlet angle according to the irrigation area.
3. This sprinkler can be used in series.
4. Wide range of uses: it can be used in gardening, balcony, villa garden sprinkler watering and other places.

Product Information:
Color:As shown
Size: 24.5*21*10.5cm
Material: ABS+PP+TPR
Net weight: 252g
Spraying diameter: 8-10m
Sprinkler Type:360 Gear Drive
Feature:Soft Grip, Variable Spray Patterns
Function:Patterns water jets
Application scenarios: home gardening, agricultural production, public green space, garden horticulture production

Package list:
1 * Lawn Sprinkler


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